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Freeskate Ice

Session 1 - 6 Weeks (Sep. 30 - Nov 4)

Session 2 - 6 Weeks  (Nov. 11 - Dec. 16)

No Lessons Saturday December 23

Session 3 - 6 weeks (Dec 30 - Feb 3)

Session 4 - 6 weeks (Feb 10 - Mar 30)


Saturday Ice Options

FS1: 30 mins. 9:00 - 9:30

FS2: 60 mins. 9:30 - 10:30

FS3: 30 mins. 11:20 - 11:50

Note: If paying by credit card you will see a charge from Sports Connect.
Disputes to Sports Connect will be charged to the customer.

Independent skating ONLY. This is not a teacher directed ice session, unless you hire a private coach.  For more information on hiring private coaching, please talk to a board member or send us an email.

The FreeSkate levels are designed to give skaters a strong foundation on which to build their skills.  This is the point where the skater can choose whether to pursue a recreational or competitive approach to the sport of figure skating.  FreeSkate requires a Full Membership and is available during Group Lessons or Private Lessons.  For more information please talk to a WFSC board member.

Each session payment is due in full on the first day of the session. A late fee of $50 and interest at 18% per annum will be charged on any amount past due. New sessions cannot not be booked for skaters with past-due accounts. Walk-ons must be paid in full on the day of service, charges to skaters' accounts will no longer be accepted. To avoid late fees, you can book your sessions online using your credit card. 

Once you have booked an option, it CANNOT BE CANCELLED. Paid options are NON-REFUNDABLE. The Wallace FSC reserves the right to change the time and designation of sessions. Not All Saturdays have lessons scheduled or may be at a different time.  See WFSC Calendar for details. I have read and understand my financial obligations to the Wallace Figure Skating Club and will abide by them.

·    All accounts with Wallace Figure Skating Club must be current.  Sessions will not be booked for skaters with past-due accounts.  Participation in the annual show will not be allowed with past-due accounts.

Make-ups will not be accepted during any show practice ice.

·   You are contracting with the Wallace Figure Skating Club for Ice and/or Ice and Coaching time.  The amount is due for each amount contracted.  Options cannot be cancelled.  Medical exceptions will be made with doctor’s note submitted to the WFSC Board of Directors for review.


No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

Information on private lessons

The next step….

Private lessons are great for any age and skill level. We have a group of well qualified instructors who take on skaters interested in private instruction, including hockey players. With private lessons your skater gets undivided attention with their chosen coach to work on learning new skills and improving. Private lessons are also a great choice for those who are interested in testing and competition

Why Private Lessons?

There are many reasons to begin private instruction in skating:

·       Skater is struggling to master certain skills

·       Skater would like to improve quicker

·       Skater learns best in an individual environment

·       Skater is interested in getting more involved in skating, competitions, USFS Testing, Theatre On Ice, Synchronized skating, etc.

·       Hockey players looking to improve their skating skills

·       Skaters who would like to continue lessons throughout the summer at other locations once the Wallace Civic Center is closed in the Spring


How do they work?

Private lessons are offered on Freestyle ice time as well as other skating locations. Once you have chosen a coach, an arrangement is made between skater and coach for times and days that work best. Lessons can be arranged for any length of time (25 minutes or the full 50 minutes).

How much does it cost?

Private instruction is typically more expensive than group class options but the amount of lessons and their duration can be tailored by the coach to fit what the budget allows.

·       Coaches- Coaches set their own hourly rates and are paid directly by the skater/parent for their services. Please inquire with the coaching staff for specific rates.

·       Ice Time- Freestyle ice time is paid for at the front desk. You can sign up to do “walk-ons” and pay weekly or you can sign up for a full session and pay a flat rate. The Wallace Figure Skating Club has three free style sessions. There are other times available for free style sessions through FMC on Thursday nights and at other local rinks.

Saturday Free style ice (WFSC):


The total cost of each lesson is a combination of the rate paid directly to the coach and the ice time paid directly to the rink.


How do I pick a coach?

Choosing a coach can be difficult, especially if you are new to the skating world. All of our coaches are very qualified with many years of experience and various qualifications. Often if you have been a part of our program, your skater or the parent may have developed a report with a certain coach, which is usually a good place to start. If you are interested in lessons but are still unsure about who would be the best fit, please talk to a board member at the front desk.

Please feel free to contact any of our coaching staff if you have any questions regarding availability, open free style ice times, the cost of private lessons and how they work generally. We are more than happy to help guide you through the next step in Figure Skating.

Wallace Figure Skating Club coaching staff:

Jess Atkins

[email protected] 

978-852-8073 (text or call)

Alisha Blanchard

[email protected]

978-877-3351 (text or call)

Sue Ecklund

m[email protected]

978-660-0465 (text or call)

Sydney Ecklund

[email protected]

978-870-5446 (text or call)

Stephanie Deitzel

[email protected]

603-508-8948 (text or call)

Wendy Freitas

[email protected]

978-771-5288 (text or call)

Acadia Kopec

[email protected]

508-736-0431 (text or call)

Hailey Miller

[email protected]

978-790-1686 (text or call)

Mary Parenteau

[email protected]

978-906-4117 (text or call)

Kathy Valera

[email protected]

978-835-2174 (text or call)

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